Friday, 11.09.2015

12.00 Bookfair start – come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines …

14.00 Lunch

15.00 Talk: Repressions, solidarity and activist security: repression against anarchists in Belarus

“ABC Belarus will inspire discussions about repressions, solidarity and activist security.
We would like to tell about repressions against anarchists in Belarus, to share our experience of how to counteract against repressions and to strenghten ABC network”.

16.30 Talk: Anarchist solidarity and anti-war initiatives in nineties (a recollection from Croatia)

“There is no objective history. There are only different interpretations of what has happened and a very clear idea that the “ordinary”, “little” people are the victims of all systems, whether these systems are founded on this or that ideology, nationalism, religion… The wars that took part during the nineties produced only victims. Victims were caused by the media propaganda, nationalism, the states and their leaderships, local thugs, different obeyers, the ones who “carried out the orders”… In a situation like that, mass war psychosis, there were still pockets of resistance to the conflict, nationalism, hate and the war itself, although it was all around us and became the integral part of our lives. The new normality. We will talk about anarchist actions of solidarity, different anti-war initiatives and their influence during the nineties”.

18.00 Talk: gentrification, destruction of the city and touristification
-no text yet-

20.00 Movie screening: “Behind The Mask: Animal Liberation Front”

“Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals is a 2006 documentary film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). It took three years of filming, interviewing, and editing to complete. Them movie was created by animal-rights lawyer Shannon Keith, who owns Uncaged Films and ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education). The documentary was produced in response to a perceived bias in the mainstream media againstm the animal rights movement. The film is about animal rights activists who break into laboratories and other facilities to provide previously unseen footage of the way animals are used. It includes well-known names within the animal rights movement, some of whom have been imprisoned for taking direct action. The story of Jill Phipps, who was killed when she fell under a lorry while protesting against the live export of animals, is told, with her mother saying, “They call us terrorists but the reality is that over the years four animal rights activists have been killed during protests.”

. . . . . . . .
Saturday, 12.09.2015

12.00 Bookfair start – come and check the books of different publishers, free materials from various groups, newspapers, magazines …

13.00 Presentation: publishing co-operative “Radical Theory and Practice”

“Radical Theory & Practice is the first independent publishing co-operative in Russia specialising in anarchist, antifascist, radical ecology and education literature. During the presentation you will get to know about joys and hardships of running a self-managed co-op in the repressive context and relying on a limited in numbers movement. How to deal with anti-‘extremist’ laws, how to build a self-sufficient project, how to finance and get out of everlasting debts, how to encourage the support of the community and much more”.

14.00 Talk: Detention- and deportation-centers for balkan-refugees in Germany

“In the context of the present wave of refugees coming to europe, the german state launches a repressive restructuring that aims at the faster categorising, sorting and deporting of undesired refugees, Refugees from most of the balkan countries are declared to come from save origins and now new huge detention- and deportation-centers especially for these balkan-refugees are going to be build. After a short input of information about these developments, we want to discuss how comrades from the balkan itself see and experience these developments and how we could imagine internationalist interventions that fight against these racist and repressive plans of the government.”

15.00 Lunch

16.00 Talk: Anarchists in the social struggles in Barcelona (2010-2015)

“With the plaza occupation movement, riotous general strikes, occupations, neighborhood assemblies, the riots against the eviction of squatted social center Can Vies, the rise of the far left, and multiple waves of repression under the guise of counterterrorism, the last years have been turbulent in Barcelona, and anarchists have often been at the center of events, or playing an influential role from the margins. A comrade who lives in Barcelona will discuss various strategies from the social war, the strengths and weaknesses of current anarchist positions, as well as prospects for the future”.

17.30 Talk: Greek militarism in the age of Syriza

How important is army for a state, both for internal and external affairs? Does the greek state have geostrategic interests? Has the greek state expansion tensions/strategies? How old and stable are these strategies, do they change whenever the government changes? Examples of greek militarism in the age of Syriza.

19.00 Open discussion: NGOs and the Institutionalization of the Social Movements

“NGOs and the Institutionalization of the Social Movements
What is the origin of NGOs, what function do they serve in capitalist democracies, and what effect do they have in our movements? Is there a balance between the resources they bring and the pacification or institutionalization they might cause? What strategic relations and discourses concerning NGOs should we promote?
This will be an open discussion based on the experiences and perspectives of participants”.

22.00 Koncert


12.00 Coffee and Bookfair
13.00 Lunch


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